am i paying to much for rent?

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am i paying too much for rent?

so i need some advice here guys. i really think i should re negotiate my rent fee with my infamous landlord Reza Valyee.

hi guys, i had this going on in the Berkeley tribe but i was wondering what you might think.

i live at Derby and Ellsworth in a 2 bedroom home that also has an extra room (smaller and no privacy or closet), the rooms are average sizeand the whole home is about 1200sq feet.

the house is in average shape but there is really no back or front yard to it since the landlord has a big shed in back and the front has ugly plants that block the area.

ok so we pay $2100 plus electric utilities, but i am thinking it's worth more like $1800. any thoughts, what is the market like right now?

btw the mortgage is about $8-900 a month here from what i know.
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    Re: am i paying to much for rent?

    Thu, April 28, 2005 - 3:44 PM
    Have you tried hitting up Craigslist or other venues to determine rents of comparable homes within your vicinity? A couple other things to consider are whether or not there are any repairs/maintenance your landlord has failed to do, whether or not he has been applying allowable yearly rent increases, and whether your landlord has removed any of the amenities stipulated in your rental agreement.
    I'd be curious to know if you rented the house with the understanding that you were entitled to the yard, only to find that your landlord utilizes it for personal use. That could be grounds for a rent decrease.
    If you can make the case that you've been a great tenant, you'd like to stay, but you can't pay above-market rent, than you'd be totally reasonable in my view.
    Good luck! (also check with your local rent board!)

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